What Does It Mean To See Peacock in Dream

What Does It Mean To See Peacock in Dream

Peacock in Dream: Hello, friends welcome to our blog. Friends, today we will talk about what it means to see a peacock dancing in a dream. Friends, you must have known about peacocks.

Peacocks are very beautiful when during the rainy season there is a black cloud, they are seen dancing by spreading their feathers. Friends, when they dance, that scene is very beautiful. Since ancient times, the peacock has had a lot of value, the Hindu God Shri Krishna himself used to wear the crown of the peacock.

Meaning of Seeing Peacock in Dream

Friends, if a person sees a peacock dancing in his dream, then he can get some good news in the coming time. If a woman sees this dream, then this dream tells the same them that they too can get some good news in the coming time. In this way friends, we can say that this dream is an auspicious dream.

What Does It Mean To See a Peacock in Dream?

Seeing a peacock in a dream is considered very auspicious. It is considered a sign of attainment of any happiness coming in life. If the pair of peacock-peacock is seen together then it is considered auspicious for married people.

If a peacock is seen sitting on the ground in a dream, then it is an indicator of misfortune, due to which you can lose your employed job.

Seeing a Dancing Peacock in The Dream

Seeing a Dancing Peacock in The Dream

In dream astrology, dream astrology sees this dream with a view to getting good news, such a dream is also considered an indicator of love and a child.

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Seeing Peacock Feathers in Dream

Friends, when we were young, we used to keep peacock feathers buried in the pages of our books. We believed that Mother Saraswati has a peacock there and if we keep the peacock feather inside our book, then Mother Swasti will be happy with us, which will make our focus very good in studies. In this way, having peacock feathers in the book gives relief to our minds that Mother Saraswati is with us.

Seeing a Lot of Peacocks in The Dream

If you see many peacocks sitting together in a field in a dream, then this dream gives auspicious signs for you. This dream indicates to you that in the coming days you are going to get a huge amount of money from different sources. Peacock is considered to be the form of Lakshmi and we know Lakshmi Ji is called the goddess of wealth. So this type of dream can make you rich in the coming days.

Seeing Peahen Babies in a Dream

If you see in a dream that a peacock is followed by its children, then this dream indicates the arrival of happiness for you. It means that soon you are going to have a son or daughter. Due to this, the happiness of your entire family will come back again. If an unmarried man or woman has this type of dream, then it means that soon such a person is going to come into your life. By following whose path you will achieve great success.

Seeing a Flying Peacock in a Dream

If you see a peacock flying in the air in your dream, then this dream works as a piece of good news for you. This dream shows that in the coming time a new wave of happiness is going to come into your life. So you should be happy with this dream.

Seeing a Pair of Peacock-Peacock in The Dream

The meaning of seeing a pair of peacock-peacock in dream also indicates an auspicious sign. If you see a pair of peacock-peacock in your dream, it means that if you are married then you will get happiness in your married life. If you are not married and you have this dream then your marriage will happen very soon. That should make you happy.

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Seeing White Peacock in Dream

Seeing White Peacock in Dream

Friends have usually seen mostly peacock-colored peacocks. Which are blue in color. White pearl-colored peacocks are rarely found. White color is the color of peace. So if you have seen a white peacock in dream, then you have to keep your nature under control in the coming time so that any work can be done successfully and easily.

Seeing Black Peacock in Dream

Friends, like blue and white peacocks, are beautiful, in the same way, black colored peacocks are also very beautiful. We use black color to show protest. So in such a situation, if you have seen a black peacock in your dream, then in the coming time there may be a misunderstanding about you in society, due to which people are going to oppose you.


Friends, today in this article we have got information about all the things related to seeing a peacock in dream. If you also see a peacock in your dream, then you do not have to pay special attention to it because dreams are an integral part of our life and dreaming is natural. Therefore, while focusing on your work, live the golden moment of life with a smile. Thank you very much for reading this article completely.

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